Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meaning Of Marriage - John Piper

John Piper passionately talks about the unbreakable bond of marriage and how marriage is meant to convey the eternal truth of Christ and His Church.


lastblast said...

John Piper is right on about divorce/remarriage except when it comes to the "now whats". That is where everything he previously teaches becomes unravelled/makes no sense. Are first marriages/covenant marriages binding til death according to God's Word? Yes. Does Mr. Piper teach this? Kind of. If an adulterous remarriage takes place, he counsels for such couples to remain together. How is that possible when he teaches that NOTHING dissolves the original covenant outside of death---even adultery? He then teaches that the "left" one---the one who has remained unmarried must remain unmarried---they cannot marry another............yet their covenant spouse is living in adultery with another person and this is ok? How has one partner been freed from the covenant (or allowed to enter into a polygamous marriage), but the other is still bound? I hope and pray Mr. Piper straightens out his flawed doctrine before he leads others down the road of sin thinking they can remain in adultery, continuing to dishonor the original covenant they entered into and it be quite ok with the Lord.......... Blessings.......

LuMeL said...

Very good point. I totally agree with your comment. Is something I have been wondering and at times have felt like asking him on his "Ask Pastor John" section.

GiGi said...

Repentence means literally "turning and going the other direction." The "game" in the Christian church now is:

l. commit adultery (have sexual relations with someone other than you covenant spouse and devastate your spouse and children)
2.divorce your spouse
3.Hurry and remarry and mystically, magically (acc. to Piper) it's no longer sin but is something "holy".

Repentence is not necessary. Just confess that you are "really, really sorry that you must continue in adultery". The new "vow", which Christ himself calls an evil, adulterous not a "vow" is an act of grievous sin. It should not be kept any more than a vow to continue to commit murder should be kept.

Again, repentence is turning and going the other direction. Piper teaches that these unions are "holy". They are still having adulterous sex (acc. to Christ), devastate their covenant spouse and destroying the lives of their children. Yet, it's the only sin in the church where "repentence" is exactly the same as the sin.
Why does the church not call this sin?

Lyle said...

I'm really struggling with Piper on this. My wife has committed adultery several times and I have forgiven her and taken her back every time. I take marriage very seriously and would probably forgive her a thousand times, but this last time she walked away from the faith entirely and filed for divorce so she could be with this new man.

Now if she decides to marry this new man despite my willingness to reconcile Piper would say that she should stay in that marriage that he has called adultery? Where does that leave the abandoned spouse? Piper would suggest that they not be permitted to remarry at the same time not permitting the offending souse to leave her new adulterous marriage to return to their first spouse? I agree that the world has a low view of marriage and we're too permissive in regards to divorce, but Pipers view seems like an extreme and inconsistent reaction.